Clogged Drains — Useful Tactics Homeowners Should Try

Clogged drains are inconvenient to deal with because they can cause odors, and more importantly, prevent you from using the drains at all. If you want to deal with this situation in your household, here are some tactics to focus on.

Try a Wet Vacuum

If you're able to create enough suction around the drain, you might be able to alleviate the clog. This is particularly true if the clog is near the drain. You'll just need to get a wet vacuum for this task. Make sure it's powerful too so that you can create enough suction.

Then all you have to do is leave the vacuum on with the nozzle pointed directly over the drain. This might be able to remove the clog or at least break it apart to where water is able to go back down effectively again.

Mix Boiling Water with a Cleaning Solution

You may want to put some cleaning solutions down the drain to see if you can alleviate the clog. In addition to doing this, you should also get some boiling water and mix it with the cleaning solution. Then you'll have a multi-solution that can help get rid of the clog once and for all.

Just make sure you're careful about boiling water. You might want to put it in a bowl first before you mix cleaning solutions with it. Then you can see if it has an impact on your drain's performance or not. 

Consult With a Plumber if Nothing You Try Works

For some homeowners, nothing they try fixes their clogged drains. This can be stressful to deal with, but there is still a solution out there. You just need to consult with a plumber to find out what this is. They can assess your clog severity and find out what may be causing the clog to begin with.

This information should be enough to help the plumber figure out a relevant clog-removal tactic. For instance, if the clog is really deep within your pipes, they might suggest hydro-jetting if your pipes are in good enough condition to handle the water pressure. 

If you have a drain or a couple of drains with clogs, you can do something about this problem thanks to removal solutions. You just need to assess the clog carefully and then see what solution will work the best. You may need to experiment until you see what provides the best results. 

Contact a plumber for assistance with your clogged drains or to learn more about how to prevent them.