Struggling With Terrain Issues? How Land Grading Can Help Increase Your Tillable Acres

Adding tillable acres is an important way for farmers to increase their output and expand the profit margin of their entire agricultural operation. While purchasing or renting more acreage for planting is one option for solving a tillable land problem, increasing prices per acre and a shrinking inventory of available land to purchase can force farmers to look at other options. 

Farmers who have land that is currently not considered tillable may find that the use of land grading can help them achieve their goal of increasing the number of tillable acres without adding additional acreage to their farm. Farmers who are interested in determining whether clearing land that is not currently being used for agricultural purposes is a viable solution for their dilemma should discuss the following points with a reputable land grading contractor in their area. 

Land that is prone to erosion or flooding 

Farmers with acreage near rivers or streams often find themselves with several acres that are unproductive due to problems with erosion and flooding. By utilizing land grading to improve the degree of slope, create tillable terraces or improve drainage, acreage in these areas can often be returned to productive use. 

Land that is wooded or overgrown

Wooded land is valuable for multiple reasons, including the potential of marketable timber or its ability to provide windbreaks and create a refuge for wildlife. When land prices are unaffordable or there is little opportunity to purchase additional acreage for tilling, converting wooded parcels into tillable acreage can help farming operations remain profitable. Farmers who are interested in having wooded parcels cleared for the purpose of using them for agriculture purposes can use the advice of a trusted land grading contractor to help them decide which sections have the most potential to become productive farmland. 

Land with unfriendly terrain

Hills and valleys can add beauty to farms but these steeply sloped areas can be difficult or unsafe for farming equipment to traverse. In some instances, land grading services in conjunction with the addition of appropriate fill material and topsoil may provide an option for turning previously unworkable acreage into producing land. 

Unfriendly terrain can also involve the presence of large boulders or rocky areas that limit the potential for growing crops. During the land grading process, boulders can be removed and rocky areas can be smoothed to make them easier to use for agricultural purposes. 

Farmers who would like to learn more can get the information they need by contacting a reputable land grading service in their area.