Hardwood Flooring Is a Smart Idea for Your Next Remodeling Project

Hardwood installation is a major home improvement project. However, the process of laying wood floors is much different than other flooring materials such as carpet. Hardwood installation requires more advanced skills and techniques to ensure the process goes as planned and the results last for many years. An initial investment in wood floors might be costly, but it is a smart investment and here's why:

The Durability of Wood Flooring

First, it is worth mentioning the durability of wood flooring. While some woods can be vulnerable to damage due to moisture, wood is generally a more durable flooring option. Wood can be a great option for areas with high traffic, such as entrances, living rooms, and other busy areas of your home. If you want to have a more durable solution, consider harder woods in areas that get the most abuse.

A Long Term Flooring Investment

While many flooring materials eventually need to be replaced, this is not the case with wood flooring. The wood floors you have installed in your home will only wear slightly, and with good maintenance, the wear will be minimal. When your hardwood floors do begin to wear out, they can be repaired and refinished to extend their life. Therefore, wood floors can last for generations. In addition, you can also change their appearance when you do have them refinished.

Wood Flooring Options for Different Areas

Another advantage of wood flooring is the many different options. Different materials can be used for separate areas. For example, you might want to use harder wood for high-traffic areas and more comfortable, softer materials for areas like bedrooms. There are also options like engineered wood or vinyl plank floors, which can be used in areas where natural wood is vulnerable, such as in a basement, bathroom, or kitchen.

Easy to Maintain Wood Flooring Solutions 

Another reason why wood floors are a smart investment when remodeling or doing renovations to your home. In addition to mopping wood floors, applying a protective wax polish can help preserve the floors and prevent damage. With a minimal amount of care, they will last for years before they need refinishing. The only thing you need to be aware of for maintaining wood floors is using oil-based instead of water-based products to clean your floors if they are natural hardwood.

Don't let the initial investment deter you from making smart long-term decisions. Contact a wood flooring company like New York Hardwood Floors to discuss these options.