Garage Door Problems That You Want To Take Care Of When Doing Home Renovations

If you are going to be doing restorations to your home, there are many repairs that need to be done. One of the areas that often need to be repaired is the garage door. The problems with the doors are sometimes due to wear, but they can be due to other issues, like water, storm, and fire damage. The following garage door issues you may need to be repaired when doing major renovations to your home:

Rot and Decay of Door Sections

There are issues with rot and decay that you may have to deal with when repairing garage doors. These problems often happen to the door sections that are exposed to water. This is common with older wood and composite door section materials. The problems get worse when the paint or finish of the door is damaged. Therefore, door repairs that you may need to have done include replacing the door sections. If you are replacing sections of your garage doors, you may want to consider using more durable materials like metal with a powder-coated finish or vinyl.

Damaged Garage Door Hardware

There are also problems with the garage door hardware that you may have to deal with. Some of the hardware that may need to be repaired during renovations include:

  • Worn cables
  • Broken garage door springs
  • Damaged door tracks
  • Door rollers and hinges

Sometimes, the damage to the hardware may be difficult to spot and not affect the garage doors' operation. Therefore, it is good to have any garage door hardware replaced that shows signs of wear.

Failing Garage Door Openers and Controls

There are also other parts of your garage door like the opener and controls that may be damaged. Therefore, you want to test the opener and controls to make sure they are working correctly. You may also want to upgrade the opener with modern controls. Some features that can be included when you upgrade your garage door opener include:

  • Touchless controls with sensors
  • Integrated home automation for lighting and more
  • Safety features to prevent accidents and injury
  • Systems to prevent wear and damage to garage doors

The features you add to your garage door opener can make it easier to use and add custom automation solutions to your home. Some opener upgrades will also improve the safety of garage doors.

When you are doing major renovations to your home, the garage door may also need to be repaired. Check out sites like to learn more about garage door repair.