Original Landscaping Design Ideas Using River Rock To Makeover Outdoor Spaces

If you want to have an original landscaping design for your outdoor spaces, river rock is a great material to use. Various custom features can be added to your home using various river rock materials. The rocks can be of different shapes, sizes, and colors. The following river rock projects are some ideas you may want to try to makeover your landscaping:

Interesting Dry Riverbed Paths for Drainage

The drainage around your home is important, and river rock can help provide the solution. You may not want unsightly canals or drainage systems installed. A dry riverbed for your landscaping design can help improve the watershed of your property in an attractive way. The riverbed can be built with the following steps:

  • Evaluate the watershed to mark off the riverbed
  • Dig canals and install a liner
  • Add a layer of construction aggregate
  • Finish the riverbed with river rock materials

The finish of the dry riverbed can also include larger stones to make it look more natural. Dry riverbed drainage systems can also double as landscaping paths to get around your property.

Using River Rocks to Create Artistic Flower Bed Designs

Some areas of your landscaping where you want to add more unique features are flower beds. The river rocks can provide a great solution to add artistic designs to these areas. You can create designs and patterns in the flowerbeds that help enhance the appearance of your landscaping. The artistic designs can include themed features for the style of garden you are planning.

Finishing the Surfaces of Concrete Pavements with River Rock

The surface of pavements in your landscaping can also be finished with river rock. This can be done when installing new pavements by embedding the river rock into the surface. You can use the stone materials to create different designs for the pavement to make them more attractive and give them a unique custom finish.

Interesting Meditation Gardens with River Rock Features

There may also be themed gardens styles that you want to add to the design of your landscaping. If you want to make a meditation garden, river rock is a perfect solution for the design. Several things can be done with the stone materials in the meditation garden to create a unique space.

The stone features in your landscaping can be a great way to add waterless features to your outdoor spaces. Contact a river rock supplier to get the materials you need to start these projects for your home.