How A Land Excavating Contractor Can Help You Transform A Hilly Backyard Into A Garden Space

If you wish your yard was better suited to gardening, but you have too many hills or buried boulders, consider hiring a land excavating contractor to clear the land for you. You might think land excavators only handle large construction jobs, but you can also hire a contractor to work on a smaller project in your backyard. Here's how they can get your yard ready for a garden.

Remove Growth And Boulders

You'll want things like thick tree roots, tree stumps, wild growth, and big boulders removed from the area where you'll grow plants so the roots of your new plants can dig deep in the ground. Part of land excavation involves removing things in the way, such as big rocks and tree stumps.

Depending on the size of the tree and the space around it, the contractor might be able to remove the trees safely, too. However, you may need those cut down by a tree service and then let the excavation contractor handle digging out the stumps. In addition to digging up unwanted rocks and stumps, the contractor can move them to a dump truck to be hauled away.

Level And Grade The Ground

You'll want your garden to be level if possible, and a land excavating contractor can move dirt around or remove dirt where needed to get rid of hills so the land is flat. The ground can also be graded as needed so when you water the garden, the water doesn't run toward your house.

You might want trenches dug for drainage pipes or for future plumbing lines so you can have an outdoor spigot installed near the garden. You may want a hole dug for a dry well or a catch basin to collect water that drains from the garden. An excavation contractor can dig anything you need, and you'll want to have all the digging done at once if possible.

Mix In Good Topsoil

A land excavator might even mix in topsoil so your newly created garden has healthy soil and you don't have to add topsoil by the wheelbarrow load. The heavy equipment used by land excavating services can scoop up dirt and move it where you want it. The buckets can also be used to level out the topsoil that was dumped.

You may need to till the area with a garden tiller when the contractor is done to mix the topsoil and break up compaction caused by the heavy equipment. However, that is just a fraction of the work you would have to do without the help of a contractor to transform a hilly, rocky piece of land into a garden where plants can thrive. Contact a land excavating service for more information.