3 Reasons To Use Drones For Land Mapping Surveys

Land surveys can be used to help define property lines, identify important features, and settle real estate disputes. Completing a survey on a small parcel of land is simple, but vast expanses can pose a problem for surveying companies.

Modern technology has created a solution for surveyors who deal with large properties: the drone. Using drones for land mapping surveys can provide your surveying company with many benefits over time.

1. Increase Survey Speed

When a customer orders a land survey, they typically want the results back as soon as possible. It can take a bit of time for an individual surveyor to complete a report on a large parcel of land.

Using a drone for land mapping instead will help you eliminate any potential delays. Drones fly above the surface of the land, so they are not slowed by environmental conditions. This allows a drone to complete a land map survey in a matter of minutes.

Relying on drones for your surveying needs can help improve your efficiency and reduce survey speeds in the future.

2. Minimize Tool Use

Traditional land surveying requires the use of many different tools. A surveyor must tote a theodolite, infrared reflector, and GPS device when completing a land map survey on a large piece of land. Not only does carrying all of this equipment slow the survey, but it can also create an added expense for any survey company.

Drones are equipped with all of the tools required to generate an accurate land map survey. This means that you can utilize a single tool (the drone) to complete the work of many other tools.

Maintenance costs will be reduced, and you can eliminate the expense of replacing and storing multiple tools when you rely on drones for your surveying needs.

3. Increase Productivity

The more jobs that your survey company completes, the more profitable you will be. Drones can provide an easy way to increase the number of permitting jobs that you take on each day.

A single surveyor can operate a drone, which means you can have several drones in operation simultaneously without compromising employee safety.

The reduced amount of time needed to complete an individual surveyor will allow you to reduce labor costs, which can attract new clients to your company over time.

Drones have the ability to transform the way your survey company operates. Take advantage of the benefits you will receive when you use drones for land mapping surveys.

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