Signs Of Foundation Problems

Routine inspection of your home's foundation is necessary to spot problems before they are difficult or impossible to repair. There are several changes in your home that might signal a problem with the foundation.

Cracks And Gaps

Cracks in various areas of the home, both internal and external, are a major sign of foundation problems. In some instances, cracks can be purely a cosmetic issue, but it is difficult to know the difference unless you are a professional. The most concerning cracks are the ones that occur in the foundation or walls of your home. This can indicate one part of the foundation sinking and making the foundation of your home uneven. When one part of the foundation begins to sink, it will cause stress on the foundation and/or walls, creating cracks. Similarly, gaps can form if the foundation shifts or sinks. You may notice areas in your home where the floor seems to be separating from the walls.


When the foundation is failing, floors often become uneven. If you place a ball on the floor, there should be little to no movement of the ball. However, when there are foundation problems, the ball will roll to another side of the floor. Similar changes might be noted in furniture, such as bookcases or rolling furniture. Items may slide on the bookcase or rolling furniture may move on its own. This indicates the floor is uneven and sloping in a particular direction. Floors can also sag if there are foundation problems. There may be areas in your home where the floor feels soft and creaky. Moisture problems affecting the floor might be another clue. Some types of flooring material, such as vinyl, might begin to crack or peel. If there is mold growth on the floor or between the flooring material and underlayment, there is likely a foundation problem allowing moisture to enter.

Doors And Windows

Changes to doors and windows can also signal foundation problems. Exterior or interior doors might be difficult to keep closed because they swing open. Conversely, doors can become stuck and difficult to open. Gaps between doors or windows and their frames are another major sign of problems. Similar issues can occur with cabinet doors. In extreme cases, the frame of doors and windows might begin to separate from the walls of the home, creating significant gaps. Even when changes are subtle, you might notice drafts come from around the exterior doors or windows.

Foundation problems can occur gradually or be sudden, serious problems. Routine inspection of your foundation can identify and potentially fix problems before they become a serious threat to your health and safety. 

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