Have A Dry House With Lots Of Dust All Winter? Talk With A Professional Heating Team Today

If you have been running the heat in your home and you constantly see dust all over your surfaces, it's time to talk with a heating and cooling professional about your furnace. Air is often dry in the winter because of cold temperatures, but your furnace and lack of maintenance could be contributing to the problem.

Not only does a dry home cause a lot of dust, but it can start to have many negative effects on your health as well. Here are some of the things that should be at the top of your list to discuss with a heating and cooling team when they come to your home.

Humidifier Installation

Get a cost from the heating system installation team to see what the cost will be to have a humidifier installed on the furnace. This means that the moisture will be automatically pushed through the air coming out of the furnace, through the ductwork.

The humidifier is connected to a water line, so you don't have to worry about filling a tank over and over, like with independent standing humidifiers. This is a great maintenance-free option for moist air.

Duct Cleaning

The duct cleaning process will remove the dust that is just lingering. Every time the furnace blows air, the dust is just spreading around surfaces in the home. With duct cleaning you won't just improve the air quality, but you can also help to improve energy efficiency. This will remove insect waste, dander, allergens, dust, and other irritants from the ventilation system.

Filter Replacement

The filter on the furnace needs to be replaced when you add the humidifier and clean the ducts, so dust and debris trapped in the filter don't contaminate the ventilation system. This is something homeowners should do at least once a year, sometimes more depending on how often you use the unit.

The heating repair service professional may also need to do some tune-up work and maintenance while they are at your property.  Before they install the humidifier, be sure that they do a mechanical inspection of the furnace. This way they can see if there are any immediate repairs needed, or if there are any things they should be concerned about.

Don't deal with dry, dusty, and low-quality air in your home. Talk with a heating system installation company and get the furnace fixed, and breathe easy in your home all winter long.