How To Tell If Your Basement Needs Waterproofing

When it rains outside, the last thing you need is for that rain to make its way into your basement. Once damaged by water, your home's foundation will be in need of some costly and time-consuming repairs. To ensure that your basement doesn't flood whenever it rains, you need to be aware of the signs that indicate your basement needs waterproofing.

If you aren't sure if your basement has the proper protection against water infiltration, then look for the following warning signs.

Check the walls for water stains

One of the earliest signs that water is able to enter your basement is water stains on the walls. The paint may also be blistered in places where water has entered your basement. If you see water stains and blistering, this means that water is running over and through your foundation.

Check your basement for the presence of mold

Wherever there is a moisture problem, there is mold. If you see mold on the surfaces of your basement, this indicates that water is entering your basement. Mold isn't just unsightly. It's also bad for your health. But you can get rid of your mold problem by waterproofing your basement.

Check for an unusual musty odor in the air

When moisture is left to linger in an area for a long time, the air begins to smell musty and damp. So even if you can't see any water in your basement, a musty odor indicates that there is a moisture problem somewhere in your basement.

Check for cracks in the walls and floor

Even if you can't see any water in your basement, check the walls and floor for cracks. Those cracks will worsen over time. Eventually, water will begin to seep into your basement through those cracks. This is a good time to waterproof your basement to prevent future moisture problems.

Examine the floor for leaks or puddles

Another early but serious sign that your basement needs to be waterproofed is the presence of leaks coming from the floor and even the walls. You may also see puddles on the floor. This is an urgent warning sign that you need to take action now.

Check the joists and columns in your basement

Examine the joists and columns inside your basement. If they have begun to rot, then you have an urgent moisture problem on your hands. If the columns and joists continue to rot, your basement could become structurally unsound.

Contact a professional for more information about basement waterproofing