Thinking Of Having A Tiny Home Built? Follow These Tips

Tiny homes are little houses that are far smaller than the average home. There are several advantages to buying and living in a tiny home. For one, these homes cost far less than an average-size home. They are often on trailers, so you can move them from place to place, and they pair well with a minimalist lifestyle. If there is a contractor in your area who builds tiny homes, you might be thinking of buying one. Here are some tips to follow as you start heading down that road. 

Don't under-size it

Sometimes tiny home buyers will get wrapped up in having to have the smallest of the smallest. It can be a fun challenge to stay in a home that's incredibly tiny. However, if you plan on living full-time in a tiny home, you may want to size up a bit. You can still be a part of the tiny home movement without being completely crammed into your space. Spend time in some tiny homes of various sizes before you decide what size you want. If the 500-square-foot home is the smallest you feel comfortable in, then that's how much space you need. If a 300-square-foot home feels right, then go with that.

Check into local restrictions

Tiny homes are not legal in every municipality. And some municipalities allow them but with certain restrictions. Visit your local building inspector's office, and talk to them about the rules that regulate tiny homes in your town. Then, use those rules to guide you as you work with your tiny home builder. If you find out that your town does not allow tiny homes, then you may want to move to a different town or city that does. In most cases, it is best to delay having a tiny home built until you know exactly where you're going to put it.

Plan for your things

Do you have any larger possessions, such as a bike or a desk you inherited from a relative? Let your tiny home builder know about these things from the get-go. This way, they can design your tiny home to accommodate them. There is not always space to fit in bigger items if the home is not built to suit them from the beginning.

With the tips above, you should have better luck having a tiny home built to suit your needs. Contact a local contractor to learn more about tiny homes.