Keys To Choosing The Right ADU Floor Plans

If you plan on adding a unit near your primary home, this structure is known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). It's important to choose the right floor plan before building it, which won't be difficult if you take these actions.

Decide Between Standard and Custom Plans

When you go looking at ADU floor plans, you can either browse standard plans that already exist or you can have one customized from nothing. Take as much time as you need to figure out what plan type is appropriate for this accessory dwelling unit.

Going the standard route may be ideal if you don't have really unique preferences or if you just want to start building this structure right away. Whereas if you want to make a truly unique ADU, then having floor plans customized by a designer could give you more value out of this property investment.

Think About Total Square Footage

Regardless of whether you go the custom or standard route with ADU floor plans, it's important to think about just how big this space needs to be. This figure is categorized by square footage. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when planning this attribute. The first is seeing how much room there is for this separate building or unit. You need to examine your property and figure out a suitable location. Then you'll have a better idea of the available space. You should also think about what this unit is being used for. That should help you narrow in on an optimal square footage total.

Consult With an ADU Contractor

If you want more direction when choosing ADU floor plans, then what you can do is consult with an ADU contractor that puts these separate dwellings together all the time. They'll have important design insights that you can use to make a better floor plan selection ultimately.

Just be open with them about what you want to get out of this space and highlight some relevant property details. Then this contactor can give you suggestions for what to look for in ADU plans, making it easier to find something in particular.

Any time you add an accessory dwelling unit to your property, you need to first choose a floor plan. Then you'll have a guide that you and the builders can use moving forward in construction. Keep your search open until you have enough time to perform quality research that spotlights optimal floor plans in the end.

For more information on ADU floor plans, contact a local contractor.