Seven Things You Can Do To Make Sure That Your Construction Contractor Doesn't Finish Your Project Late

One of the biggest frustrations you can experience when you hire a construction contractor is delays to progress on your building project. The following are seven things you can do to make sure that your construction contractor doesn't finish your project late. 

Specifically discuss scheduling plans with your construction contractor before work begins

One of the first things you should do to make sure that your building project gets completed promptly is to set a completion date goal with your construction contractor.

If you don't specifically discuss your time frame with your contractor, it's more likely that your project will be completed later than you hoped. 

Make sure you're always available for communication

Prompt communication can speed up your building project. If it takes you forever to respond to inquiries from your contractor, chance are high that progress is going to be frequently delayed on your construction site.

Plan out building material purchases with your construction contractor well in advance

A lot of building projects become delayed because of difficulties acquiring needed building materials in a timely manner. To stay on schedule, it's important to plan well in advance and submit orders early on for needed building materials for your project. 

Don't change your mind as your project progresses

Changing the plan halfway through your project is definitely going to throw things off track for your contractor. That's why it's important to be confident in building plans before construction begins so that changes down the road won't delay progress and lead to frustrations. 

Anticipate possible contingencies

Regardless of how well you plan, surprises can come up that lead to delays. It's always best to plan some cushioning into your schedule so that you're not too disappointed or frustrated if your construction contractor gets behind schedule before your project is complete. 

Be realistic about your expectations regarding your estimated project completion date

Listen to input from your construction contractor regarding a realistic goal for a completion date for your project. You're likely to end up disappointed if you're unrealistically optimistic about how quickly your project can be completed. 

Try to plan your project for a time of year when inclement weather is unlikely

Another huge cause of delays for building projects is inclement weather. It's a good idea to consider the likelihood of inclement weather when deciding at what time of year you want to have your building project carried out.

Consider the time of year when bad weather is most likely to occur in your area and try not to have construction work done at this time. 

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