Wood Cabinets For Homes And Businesses

Wood cabinets are a common sight in many homes, businesses, and workshops. While wood cabinets can provide a rich aesthetic to the interior design of a room, they can also be an affordable and extremely durable style of cabinet to install.

Choose Soft-Close Hinges For The Cabinets

Cabinets can sustain a lot of wear over the years when they are continually slammed shut. Installing soft-close hinges can be an option that will greatly reduce the risk of individuals accidentally slamming the cabinets, as well as reduce the noise that is made when the cabinets are closed.

Maintain The Exterior Wood Of The Cabinets

While wood cabinets are a durable option, they will need to be properly maintained. Luckily, simply cleaning the exterior of the cabinets and applying a wood treatment can be enough to maintain their appearance. For further protection, you can apply a wax coating to the cabinets that can reduce the risk of them developing stains. These coatings can be extremely effective for the cabinets that are near cooking areas or in workshops. They will offer the cabinets a layer of protection against splattering food or chemicals as well as dirty hands.

Protect The Interior Of The Cabinets With Liners

The interior of the cabinets can suffer damage from moving tools, plates, and other items into and out of them. Over the years, impacts between the items and the cabinet can actually start to damage the wood. Installing a padded cabinet liner is a way of reducing the risk of these damages occurring to the cabinets. As an added benefit, these liners will typically have tactile surfaces that can limit the items from sliding around inside the cabinet.

Avoid Loading The Cabinets With Too Much Weight

Exceeding the maximum storage capacity of the cabinets can be a mistake that may cause major damage to the cabinets in a fairly short amount of time. When choosing new wood cabinets, it is important to consider the storage capacity that you will need. For those that will use the cabinets to store tools and other heavy items, opting for a high-capacity cabinet system can be critical. Furthermore, the cabinets will have to be properly installed. If they are not, the anchors that hold the cabinets in place could be vulnerable to failing. A professional cabinet installation service can be useful for avoiding this problem, as well as having the added benefits of sparing you much of this work and completing the installation quickly.