Installing A Sump Pump System To Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Sump pump systems can be critical devices for protecting a home from water damage, as they remove water that would have otherwise accumulated in the basement, crawlspaces or other low areas of the house.

Myth: A Sump Pump System Is Only Needed In Areas That Regularly Flood

Homeowners may assume that they will only benefit from installing a sump pump system if they live in an area that can expect to experience regular flooding. In reality, there are many homes that experience moisture problems in the lower areas of the structure. For these properties, a sump pump can safely remove the water to prevent extensive water damage. These systems are designed with a drain line that is able to collect water and a strong pump that is able to push the water through the drain line to the outside.

Myth: It Is Always Easy To Tell When A Sump Pump Is Starting To Develop Problems

A modern sump pump system is highly dependable, but it is also a very complex system. This can make it important to periodically assess the performance of the sump pump to determine whether it is in good mechanical condition. There can be malfunctions with these systems that may not always be extremely obvious unless you are inspecting them. An example of this is a clog in the drain line that slows the system down by restricting the outflow of water. This type of problem could reduce the effectiveness of the sump pump system while also potentially leading to the system burning itself out more quickly.

Myth: Replacing A Sump Pump Is A Very Disruptive Process

Whether it is a result of the sump pump experiencing a major failure or simply the result of significant wear, replacing a sump pump will eventually be necessary. Many of the appliances in your home can be extremely difficult and disruptive to replace. However, the sump pump itself will be relatively easy for a professional contractor to replace. In fact, they will likely be able to remove the old sump pump and complete the installation of the new one in as little as an hour, depending on your specific setup. Furthermore, a sump pump replacement will not typically require the power or water to the home to be turned off, which can further reduce any disruptions that the occupants of the house may experience as a result of this upgrade.

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