Dock Issues That Warrant Marina Repair Services

If you have a dock on your property, then it's an important structure you want to keep an eye on from a repair standpoint. Sometimes, severe problems will happen that may require help from a marina repair company. These in particular qualify as needing professional assistance.


If your dock has parts of metal attached to it, such as the support system underneath, then you need to watch out for rust. It can happen pretty quickly since these parts are exposed to wet conditions.

If you notice any sections starting to rust, hire a marine repair company as quick as you can. This is the best way to neutralize rust and prevent it from spreading to other areas and making your dock structurally weak over time. 

The repair contractors will coat the rusted sections with special solutions that break down the rust in a time-efficient way.

Damaged Railings

A lot of docks have rails on the side to keep people from easily going over and into the water. If these rails are in poor shape, you may need to have a marina repair company come out and restore them back to their original form.

They can re-position railings so that they're straight and secure them better so that future issues aren't as frequent. A marina repair company can also reinforce the railing system to prevent issues when weight is put up against it throughout the months. 

Protective Coatings Coming Off

Any wooden dock will have protective coatings on it. They're used to keep the wood materials from breaking down as quickly. Even when high-quality coatings are used, they can come off after a while. When they do, you'll want to work with a marina repair company.

They can go in and re-apply these coatings all over your wooden dock. In addition to keeping it protected structurally, the re-sealing will make your dock look a lot better from a visual standpoint. This is key if you care about the aesthetics of your wooden dock. For example, you might care more if it is used a lot by others in the area.

Having a dock on your property lets you have better access to water and lets you do more things, such as fishing. If you want this dock to hold up without any issues, you can work with a marina repair company periodically throughout the year. They can address problems quickly and competently. 

To learn more, contact a marina repair company.